Moving is easier when you've got the right boxes

Moving is easier when you've got the right boxes

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How it Works

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BUSKA Boxes Make Moving Easy

Moving Soon? If you are preparing for an upcoming home or business move, one thing is for sure, you’ll be needing moving boxes and packing supplies such as bubble wrap.

Moving home or office can be stressful and sourcing fit for purpose Boxes For Moving Housemoving boxes before the big move can be time consuming.  We can help. BUSKA will deliver fit for purpose moving boxes to your home or office before you move and collect then once you have relocated. We stock a range of handy packing supplies that are sure to come in handy as you start to pack up and get moving.

Buska Boxes are heavy duty plastic moving crates that will help you get the job done quicker, safer and without the headaches that cardboard boxes will inevitably cause you. We’ll provide you with all the tools you’ll need to sail your way through a home or office move.

We deliver our heavy duty plastic moving boxes right to your front door at convenient times along with packing supplies, a wheely moving dolly, contents cards for each box so you know what’s in them. Packing made easy.

Buska Boxes are really strong, plus they’re all the same size which makes them easier to stack and move. Once you’ve unpacked at your new home or office we collect the boxes. Simple.

We now also do STORAGE . Buska Storage by the Box  is perfect for short-term storage before or after your move. Just pay  for the exact space you need. For larger items we offer storage crates which are 40 square foot in size. You’ll never need to drive to a storage facility again. We collect and drop back your items to you when you want them back.

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Buska Moving Boxes make moving easier

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At Buska we pride ourselves on offering an affordable, efficient, professional services that makes moving & storage easier for all our customers. You can book your Buska boxes online now or give us a call on 1800 444 888.


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