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How many Boxes should i order for my move?

That all depends on you situation. We’ve got different packages to suit all customers – See your pricing page HERE. IF you don’t see what you need just give us a call on 1800 444888 and we’ll help you figure it out.

Like a pro

Moving like a pro

Why should i rent Buska Boxes for my move?

Because it is the easiest, most convenient and most cost effective way to move. Seriously, if you are moving home or office you will definitely be needing moving boxes. Traditional Cardboard moving boxes are more trouble than they are worth. They’ll be different sizes, shapes, strengths. You’ll have to make them up and tape them up to give them strength and then figure out which items go into each box depending on the size and strength of each box. Buska Boxes are all the same size, they are made out of industrial strength recycled plastic so they stack easily into a moving vehicle. They are clean and if you value your time and your sanity you’ll be glad you rented yourself some moving boxes from Buska. We’ll deliver them to your door before you move and we’ll collect them once you’ve relocated and unpacked at your new location.

We need Boxes for Moving. What areas do you deliver and collect from?

We have 2 Offices, Dublin & Cork servicing customers in the City & surrounding suburbs. As a general rule, if you are within 30 miles of the City Centre in Dublin or Cork you’ll be within our service area. Galway, Limerick & Belfast coming soon. Watch this space.

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You provide the boxes. Can you also move my belongings to my new home or office?

Nope. Buska is not a moving company. Our role it to make the process of moving home or business as stress free as possible. We’ll rent you the Moving Boxes, heavy duty, stack-able, plastic moving crates and all the additional packing supplies you might need. We’ve got a great relationship with the best moving companies in the business so if you need a recommendation give us a call. 1800 444 888. We’ll hook you up.

What size are the Buska Boxes?

Ah, that is our most frequently asked FAQ!. BUSKA Boxes the perfect size to hold in your hands and walk through a doorway or up the stairs while maintaining full skin coverage on your knuckles.. Seriously, they are a good size and measure exactly 60 x 40 x 30m. They hold exactly 7 lever arch folders, any bigger and you’d struggle. If you’re the time that like a picture to tell a thousand words then check us out on Instagrame @buskabox there’s loads of pictures of the boxes in action.

How do I pay for my Buska Box rental?

Easy. We take payment in full by credit card on completion of booking. You can book and pay easily on our website, alternatively you can call us on 1800444888 and well take your order over the phone. Online payments are processed securely via REALEX. All major credit cards accepted, we also accept payments via Paypal accounts.

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We accept all majoy credit cards

Do Buska Boxes get cleaned between rentals?

Yes, Each Buska Box is checked and cleaned in between each rental. You can trust that your order will be delivered clean, hygienic & ready for use.

Do I need to be home for my Buska Box delivery & collection?

Not necessarily, but you’ll need an authorised representative to take in the boxes, someone who will sign for the delivery/collection and verify on your behalf that the order has been received in full.

What happens once I have placed my order?

Great, thanks for the business. You have made a good decision. As soon as we see your order we’ll give you a call to say hey, we’ve got your order, thanks for the Biz. You’ll have told us in the booking form exactly what you need and when you want delivery but we’ll run through it real quick so that we are all on the same page. We’ll also discuss the most likely collection date and make preliminary arrangements for collection from your new address. This is a good time to hit us up for some moving tips and tricks. We’ve been around the block!.

Hire Moving Crates in Dublin

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I won’t be ready for my scheduled collection. What are my options?

NO PROBLEM. Give us a call on 1800444888. We’ll reschedule or if you need an extra week we’ll extend the hire period and charge you a heavily discounted fee. Happens all the time.

I love Buska Boxes. Can I buy them?

YES, Our customers love the boxes so much that they often request to purchase one or two at the end of the hire period. If this is you just give us a call. 1800444888. Boxes sell at a rate of €30 each plus vat.

hire crates for moving

hire moving crates in dublin packing boxes

How does the free delivery & collection service work?

Easy, no catches, no gimmicks. When you order and pay for one of our home or office packages the fee you pay will include 1 free delivery 1 free pick up at the end of the hire period. BUSKA Boxes are delivered to your front door at convenient times, they’ll stack neatly and will not take up too much space in your home or office. Additional collections will be billed as agreed, please talk to us in advance if you have any special requirements.

Do you offer storage?

Yes, we do and we and you’ll love our storage by the box options. Storage is a big part of what we do. We offer a unique storage by the box solution from as little as €25 per month. You’ll never have to visit a storage facility again. MORE HERE

Storage by the box from Buska

Self Storage with None of the hassle. Buska Storage by the box