About Buska

 Zero Waste Moving Boxes Dublin- Delivered To Your Door

Buska, moving boxes Dublin.  We hire eco-friendly boxes for moving house and deliver right to your door. We are the zero-waste alternative to cardboard. View our packages here.

My name is Mark Browne, CEO and founder of  BUSKA. In 2014, my passion for eco-friendly moving boxes drove me to start my own business. I moved house 5 times in 4 years. I grew tired of spending my valuable time searchingh for cardboard moving boxes.

“I said there has got to be a better way to do this, but there wasn’t.”

Buska was born. This year marked a major milestone for Buska, as we celebrated 5 years in business. For a list of our packages and pricing please click here. 


  • No need for masking tape
  • Water resistant unlike cardboard boxes
  • Buska are uniform in shape and size for easy stacking
  • Complimentary swivel trolley for your move
  • No bulky cardboard moving boxes to recycle
  • Free delivery & collection between 8-5
  • Zero waste moving solution

At Buska, our customers are happy customers. Read why here. Read our 5 star reviews on Google here

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Mark Browne

CEO of Buska


mark browne buska

What we do

We supply exo-friendly recycled moving boxes Dublin. 

At Buska.ie we make moving easy.  Each order includes free delivery & free collection to your front door.  Each order includes a complimentary 4 wheeled moving dolly along with contents cards for each box so you can pack, stack and wheel your Buska Boxes to make moving easier.


Benefits Of Buska Boxes

  • Buska Boxes are zero-waste 100% recycled plastic, zero waste moving boxes
  • With our uniform stackable boxes, you fit more in your moving van
  • We deliver before the move and collect once you’ve unpacked
  • No more scrounging around for cardboard boxes
  • No single-use cardboard boxes to recycle
  • No need for masking tape
  • Each box comes with its own contents card
  • Unlike cardboard, Buska moving boxes are waterproof

Our vision

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We solve problems, ease pain and deliver value for money to customers. We know you have better things to be doing than playing around with cardboard.


Currently we are servicing the good people of Dublin & Cork and we are looking to expand across Ireland and into the UK. We are already having extremely interesting and exciting conversations with potential franchise partners in the UK.