Moving guide

We put together the Buska Moving Checklist to help our customers plan a stress-free move. If you are looking for a moving company in Dublin, we are happy to recommend one of our trusted partners.

crates for moving


  • Go through everything, room by room.
  • Purge and dispose of any rubbish.
  • Start thinking about what items will require special packing.
  • Decide if you are going to hire a professional moving company.
  • Remember – Moving companies love BUSKA customers.
  • Use the folder to keep track of all things moving.
  • Check your supplies of bubble-wrap, wardrobe rails and packing paper.
  • Start using up things like frozen or perishable foods and supplies.
  • Start changing address with your utility providors, credit cards etc.
  • Book your moving day off work.
  • Start by packing the things that you use most infrequently.
  • Clearly label and number each box with its contents.
  • Add important items like jewellery and important files to a safe box.
  • Firm-up the arrangements. Confirm times and prices.
  • Pack an overnight box with everything you’ll need for your first night.
  • Finally, give yourself a pat on the back for choosing BUSKA.