Cardboard VS Buska Packing Boxes For Moving

Most of us have had experience of hunting for and buying packing boxes for moving when we’re about to move. It’s a time-consuming process that adds to the stress of moving. And at the end of the day, cardboard boxes just aren’t that great for moving or storing your belongings.

Here’s why Buska boxes beat cardboard hands down:

Cardboard VS Buska Packing Boxes For Moving
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Stackable & Ergonomic

Buska boxes are all the same size, stackable and ergonomic, making them easy to move about your home or office while you pack. Each box has sturdy handles so they’re safe and easy to lift – no risk of paper-cuts or of the handle giving way as with cardboard boxes. With the moving dolly we supply, you can stack your boxes as you pack and wheel to the collection point, cutting out the heavy lifting from your move.

Durable & Eco-friendly

Buska boxes are made from 100% recycled, heavy duty plastic. Your belongings are well protected and we clean the boxes after each use and rent them hundreds of times before we recycle them into brand new Buska boxes. So as well as being a better practical solution for your move, the Buska box is better for the environment.

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Convenient & Affordable

When you book your Buska boxes, we’ll deliver stacked boxes, labels and moving dollies to your door at a time convenient to you. If you’re storing with Buska we’ll collect your packed boxes and take them to our secure storage facility. If you’re moving, we’ll arrange a provisional date to collect the empty boxes from your new location – but if you find you need an extra couple of days to unpack that won’t be a problem, we’ll collect the empty boxes from your door whenever you’re ready.

The Buska box rental and storage service packages are excellent value. Check out the price of the Buska service package that suits your needs and compare it to the cost and labour of buying and hefting fiddly, flimsy cardboard boxes. You’ll find it’s well worth booking with Buska