About Buska Moving Boxes & Storage Units

Crate Hire, Moving Boxes, Packing Supplies and Storage Units that genuinely make moving easy.

Are you planning a House or Office move any time soon?

Be it a Home or Office move, we’ve almost all done it at least once and we can all agree that scrounging around for cardboard moving boxes that are different prices, shapes, sizes & strengths is a giant frustration at a time when you’ve got a long list of things you’d rather be doing.

Cardboard moving boxes need to be taped up to make sure the bottoms don’t fall out and you have to put real thought into which of your precious items goes into each box.

I know this only too well because i moved house 5 times in 4 years and every time i found myself on the hunt for cardboard boxes, I said to myself THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS. But there wasn’t. No one had looked at this problem and tried to come up with a workable solution that solves problems, eases pain points and offers genuine value to homeowners and business as they work towards a moving day deadline.

I founded BUSKA in November 2014 and at BUSKA we are all about making moving easy. That’s our unique selling point.

Buska Boxes are heavy duty plastic moving crates. They are the eco friendly convenient and affordable alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes. Buska Boxes are fit for purpose and will help you get the job done. The best bit, we’ll deliver them at convenient times before you move and collect them from your new home or office once you’ve unpacked and settled in.

Buska Boxes really do make moving much easier.

Our goal is to create a brand and service that is so useful that Buska Boxes are one of the first things you’ll think about the next time you start planning a home or business move. Why, because Buska Boxes Make Moving Easy.

In 2017 we launched a new service Storage By the Box. This is new and innovative take on the traditional self storage offering. We’ll collect your items, store them securely in out high security Dublin based warehouse and when you need items back we’ll deliver them back to you at convenient times. For more on this new service see here. STORAGE

We are not a moving company but we can recommend some of the best in the business. Moving companies love Buska Boxes as they aid the physical moving process by speeding it up and by doing this you can get a much more cost effective quote. Don’t book your moving company before you rent Buska Boxes and when you talk to us just as us for a recommendation and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction so that you get a mover you can trust.

mark browne buska

So here’s what we do.

At Buska.ie we rent fit for purpose moving boxes to customers in the residential & corporate market. We also provide support services to the professional moving industry. Each order includes Free Delivery & Free collection to your front door and each order also includes the use of a convenient 4 wheeled moving dolly along with contents cards for each box. Buska Makes Moving Easy. I hope i am getting through to you.

Here’s the vision.

We are thinking big. We are not just about the boxes we are about the brand. We are about standing out and being memorable. We are about solving problems, easing pain and delivering value for money to customers at a time when they have better things to be doing than playing around with cardboard.

Currently we are servicing the good people of Dublin & Cork and we are looking to expand across Ireland and into the UK. We are already having extremely interesting and exciting conversations with potential franchise partners in the UK.